Superyacht Law Firm will Rebrand to become Gateley

Top superyacht law firm HBJ Gateley Wareing is to rename and will from, 1st May 2011, adopt the name Gateley as its new brand.
The change is a natural step for the firm whose HBJ Gateley Wareing name is reflective of the history of the firm but is, they say, too long.  The firm had over the years acquired several other law firms and as it did so, so the name grew!
The firm can trace its Marine Law specialism back to 1808 and has an unbroken record in the marine industry since then.  In recent years it has absorbed the London firms of Shaw & Croft along with Holmes Hardingham both of who were active in yachting and have a long history in servicing the legal requirements of superyacht owners
Already widely known as Gateley the firm has finally acknowledged that clients sometimes struggle to identify the brand. Opening offices recently in Manchester and Dubai they feel the time is right to make the change and allow the firm to focus on a single, strong brand.
The new name is accompanied by a new corporate identity based on current branding, which is reflected in their re-launched website at