No Holding Back at Proteksan Turquoise

Pictured (left to right) is the 72.64m ‘Vicky’ (NB 54) entering the shed, the newly launched repeat order ‘Talisman C’ at 70.54m, centre the 60.20m ‘Yogi’ and about to sail away completed the 55.40m ‘Turquoise
There seems to be no holding back at Proteksan Turquoise the Turkish Shipyard who having three consecutive launches so far this year are riding a roller coaster wave of success sweeping away thoughts of a doom laden superyacht building business.
First to launch this spring was Turquoise, with history repeating itself.  The first Turquoise was launched in 1994 and became the yacht that launched the shipyard.
Importantly this yacht is one of a series for repeat customers recently.
Following close behind came the 60 metre Yogi and within weeks the 74 metre Talisman C joined her sisters on the dock face at the Pendik shipyard.
Recently the 72.64m Vicky, arrived on the company owned floating dock to begin her fit out inside one of the newly vacant sheds.
Shipyard Director, Mehmet Karabeyoglu, is understandably proud of this outstanding yacht building achievement. “This is a first for us to have three new-builds on the dock at once and a perfect demonstration of our ability to deliver our brand promise because these three yachts are all on-time’.