Suspect Shipping Container May Be Radio Active

The Professional Yachtsmans Association has taken the unusual step of issuing a newsflash to all members presumably aimed at those superyachts bound for or already in Genoa.

As we have no ability to check the facts ourselves we reproduce it here for our own superyacht readers to read.
According to stories circulating in the shipping circles, there’s a  bit of a problem at Genoa’s Voltri container port.
It seems that a container, which arrived last July from Adjaman via  Jeddah and Gioia Tauro, was found, during the course of routine  checking, to be highly radioactive and has now been surrounded by a barricade of containers filled with stones and water.
The container was consigned to an address in Italy and was said to  contain 18 tonnes of copper waste.
The authorities have yet not announced any plans to deal with the  problem. There is speculation that the container was tampered with while in transit and that it could contain a bomb designed to explode  when the container is opened.
Strangely, none of the “mainstream” media have picked up this story.