St Barts Squadron Superyacht Fashion

Not since World War II ended have aircraft of that era made such a long flight over water as one which begins today.

A privately owned squadron of lovingly restored aircraft have begun an epic journey that will see them fly  from the USA to the Caribbean island of Sint Maarten and then on to St Barths in time for the ultimate in superyacht racing the St Barts Bucket.
The squadron consists of:

  • B-25 called Betty’s Dream
  • P-40 Alecian called Tiger

  • P-51C called Dakota Kid,

  • Corsair FG-1D known as Kathleen

They will be flying from their base to Fort Lauderdale then on to the Turks and Caicos to arrive on Tuesday PM in St Maarten flying cross some 1100 miles of open ocean after they leave Fort Lauderdale.
What they are going to do and their role in the Bucket is at the movement a closely guarded secret known only to a few of us.
But if you want to find out you need to watch this space.
Watch the video above for a quick inflight preview of footage shot from on board the B-25