Yacht Report Magazine to Become Superyacht Report

The Yacht Report has changed its name and as of the March issue, 121 it will be called The Superyacht Report.
How very interesting! There is Superyacht.com the Website, Superyacht Times another Website this blog called Superyacht News and of course SuperYacht World the very pretty magazine. 
Then of course comes SuperYacht Business a really well written easy to read superyacht magazine with a solid B2B approach that, instead of costing £6 or so an issue as The Yacht Report does, is Free to everyone in the industry who wants it.
Could this be the real reason behind the change?
Apparently according to the Yacht Report at least the change is simple: In the past decade, the superyacht industry has grown and strengthened into a global industry in its own right that supports local and national economies. As it has evolved, so have they, creating a portfolio of products all with the name superyacht.
They say they have changed the name of their flagship product to fit into this family perfectly and reflect the industry as it stands today.
No doubt soon we will see Boat International Become Superboat International
In order that you get every issue of SuperYacht Business completely free of charge, go online and register at: http://www.ibinews.com/ibinews/syb/index.htm