Too Late for Carrier to Superyacht Conversion

We did at one stage ask if there was the possibility of converting the aircraft carrier HMS Invincible into the ultimate superyacht. 

But now it seems, you are all far too late because the aircraft carrier has been sold at auction and the highest bidder has been identified as a Turkish ship breaker.

Leyal Ship Recycling, based near Izmir, was chosen ahead of a bid by a UK-based Chinese businessman.

Lam Kin-Bong had offered £5m for the ship and had come up with the idea of turning the former warship into an international school in China.

A Ministry of Defence spokesman said: “After 25 years of service HMS Invincible was decommissioned nearly six years ago and having reached the end of her distinguished career, it is right that we secure a good financial return for the taxpayer.

He added, “The bid from Leyal Ship Recycling does this and also ensures she is disposed of in an environmentally friendly way.”