Philippine Superyacht Association Formed

The Philippine Superyacht Association, has newly formed as a non-profit organisation, with the goal of opening up the Superyacht industry in the Philippines.
Started by Captain Richard Johnson the Association has been formed to cater for the needs of the increasing numbers of superyachts visiting SE Asia.

Historically, the majority of the world’s privately owned superyachts have gravitated towards the Mediterranean Sea and the Islands of the Caribbean. A recent trend, however, has been for yachts to venture further afield.
Superyacht owners are now discovering many beautiful parts of the world, previously unexplored by maritime tourism.
Strong economic growth in Asia has also produced many wealthy individuals craving ownership of such luxury items as sailing and motor yachts.
The last ten years has seen the creation of several superyacht associations and yacht construction, refit and support companies in the region. Singapore, China, Hongkong, Thailand, Indonesia and Australia.
The Philippine Superyacht Association will work very closely with these organisations to attract the Superyacht sector to Asia – The Third Destination.
Speaking about superyachts in Asia Arthur Tay, Chairman, Superyacht Singapore Association said:  “Asia is expanding fast in the superyacht scene with significantly higher superyacht traffic and ownership buoyed by the economies of the region. We have seen growth of superyacht visits from 16 in 2006 to over 80 superyacht visits during 2010.”