Traders Jubilant That Superyachts Can Now Cruise Fijian Waters

Shereel Patel of Radio Fiji reports that The Fiji Retailers Association is pleased with the endorsement of a Super Yacht Decree passed by the country’s Cabinet.
President Himmat Lodhia says this decree will not only benefit the tourism industry but the local business community as well.
Lodhia says it will also aid the development of new industries that depend on yachts for business.
“Its not only the business community and market people that will benefit but there is a whole lot of allied industries that can spring up, maybe boat repairs and boat building ,once you have an influx of these type of people.”
The decree allows for super yachts to enter, charter and cruise in Fiji.
Tourism Minister-Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum says the super yachts are big high end spenders and when they come to Fiji, they will use our services, buy our food, spend their money here, and use local employees.