Superyacht Marina Berths in Central London

Just in time for superyachts visiting London for the Olympic Games an important new marina has opened in central London on the River Thames as part of one of the largest and most prestigious riverside developments to take place in the capital in recent years.
Designed and constructed by Walcon Marine, the new facility at Imperial Wharf is located on the River Thames and provides over 600 metres of berthing space in London’s fashionable Chelsea district.
The total value of the contract with Imperial Wharf Marina was around £750,000.
The River Thames at London is a challenging environment for marina construction with its twice daily tides creating powerful currents, significant volumes of river traffic generating wash, and the risk of floating debris.
Berthing facilities at Imperial Wharf called for a layout that used 27 piles driven deep into the riverbed to anchor the marina, together with a rugged pontoon design with its all‐welded steel framework, hardwood decking and fibre concrete floats. The pontoons are fully serviced with water and electricity.
Access from the riverside is via fixed six metre and 18 metre bridges supported on two, four pile dolphins leading on to an articulating 30 metre long bridge that in turn terminates on a specially converted, steel‐structured barge.