The Zero Speed Superyacht

Equip a superyacht with Zero Speed Stabilisation and a Dynamic Positioning device and you have in fact a yacht that stays in one spot and does not roll or pitch.
Estate Agents and Realtors have names for that sort of thing and they generally sound like: Villas by the Sea, Second Homes or Country House Estates.
When it comes to superyachts and luxury villas there is in fact a lot more in common than at first meets the eye.
Take for example some of the newly built Estate Homes on Jumby Island and idyllic haven off the coast of Antigua.  There, homes are for sale or rental through resident agents whose work more resembles that of a superyacht broker than anything else.
Like yachts, homes come with their own crew or staff.  A housekeeper instead of a chief steward, gardeners and handymen instead of deckhands.  The chef remains the same but there is no real equivalent for a Captain shore side.

When we toured the island with Realtor Andrew Robson we were shown two splendid examples of homes to buy along with many others available to rent.  Or should we call that Charter?

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