Pre Antigua Charter Show

The view from our apartment

Flying to Antigua with British Airways from Gatwick Airport at those times when major boat shows are taking place around the world is never an easy task.

The plane is always full, spare seats are few if not unavailable. But the up side is that on getting to the departure lounge you discover you know about 30% of the rest of the passengers. Networking begins early!

Landing in Antigua we joined the impossibly long immigration queue. It zig-zaged its way lazily towards the desk giving us the perfect opportunity to meet and greet old friends – brokers, managers and other superyacht professionals from around the world.

Yes in the usual airport mess up the international flights from USA and UK all landed at exactly the same time. The airport handling facilities were completely overwhelmed, lucky everyone was cheerful.

One hour later we were clear of the airport having collected rental car. We made our way to Horsefield Hill where we have rented an apartment with stunning views over the Falmouth Harbour and part of the Show.

We went to sleep listening to the delightful sounds of the Caribbean fauna night. We woke with the dawn light to a glorious sunrise ready to enjoy the Antigua Charter Yacht Show.