Satellite communications provides ship-to-shore emergency medical facility to superyacht

The new 43-metre tri-deck superyacht Sea Owl, from Burger Boats  has become the first private yacht to be fitted with a high-tech onboard medical treatment facility with 24/7 video conferencing capability supplied by Guardian, a company that has provided medical services for three previous presidents of the United States.
Known as Ready Room, it provides the capability to convert a standard passenger stateroom into a fully equipped and operational emergency medical center, including oxygen, defibrillator, trauma kits and a teleconferencing connection to reach qualified physicians ashore.
MTN’s DirectNet managed satellite communication service on Sea Owl provides a guaranteed committed information rate (CIR) of 512 Kbps synchronously, which means 1 megabyte of guaranteed bandwidth with the ability to burst up to 2 Mbps to support the Guardian video conferencing and other voice and data traffic to and from the vessel at sea. 
IMA Yachts designed the integration of the equipment and protocols to fit within the vessel’s physical parameters and owner’s operational requirements.
With reliable broadband, global satellite service and our advanced medical equipment and services, we can remotely allow a team of world-class physicians, including specialists, to manage life-threatening conditions, such as strokes, long before a medical response team could reach the patient, especially when the yacht is cruising in remote locations.”
In addition to the videoconferencing, MTN’s satellite communications system supports ship-to-shore telephone and Wi-Fi Internet access for the yacht’s owner and guests.