New Heavy Duty Mounting Clip for Superyacht Deckheads

Continuing to demonstrate innovative thinking when it comes to mounting deckhead and bulkhead panels in yachts, Fastmount have launched a new surface mount heavy duty male clip
Fastmount, from New Zealand, design mounting clips and devices specifically for the marine industry.  Used by custom superyacht yards, outfitter companies, production yards and commercial shipyards in more than 50 countries. Panels can quickly and easily be removed & refitted in any sequence to exactly the same location time after time.
The new Surface mount Heavy Duty Male clip using super-groove technology, is an extension to their existing system.  Ideal for heavier and larger panels, it is designed for use with thin walled panels and where installers prefer an adhesive fix.  It can be used for pre-finished panels such as composite foam cored panels, honeycomb cored panels & other pre painted panels to be installed.
Compared to alternative adhesive-fix options, the surface mount male clips saves time, reduces errors, and provides an unparalleled secure fit. Specifically designed for strength and flexibility, the small diameter base gives users an wide range of applications.
The super-groove technology used on the base gives users control when applying the adhesive to minimise spread to the wrong places and prevent any glue seepage. Furthermore, the unique design means the adhesive mechanically engages grooves on the base for secure attachment. This enables the user to select the adhesive that best suits the panel and work methods.