Speak up It Only Costs £210,000

Recognised for delivering the latest technology solutions to superyachts, Advanced New Technologies Ltd. (ANT) is making an even ‘louder’ statement at this years’ Monaco Yacht Show, as the breathtaking and sublime £210,000 Vox Olympian speaker from Living Voice is given centre stage.
With demand for the latest entertainment systems on the rise, ANT has been at the forefront of everything new in the marketplace, integrating jaw-dropping technology such as 3D cinemas, retina ID security systems, iPad automation controls and latest video on demand services for the world’s most luxurious vessels.
Hand made in England, each pair of speakers takes approximately 1,400 man-hours to build with each speaker standing at 1.6 metres tall, weighing 240 kilos per pair. 
The custom-built Vox Olympian starts at £210,000 and moves up in price depending upon the choice of materials and finishes.
Materials include the finest exotic hardwoods and metals including gold, silver, bronze, tellurium, beryllium, and alnico.
 As an acoustic design it boasts 105 dB/w sensitivity across a remarkable 40kHz bandwidth from its 4 horn-loaded drivers.
Exact speaker dimensions are: Width 680 millimetres, Depth 620 millimetres and Height 1600 millimetres.