Tel Aviv to Have Superyacht Marina

The Tel Aviv district in Israel currently has two active marinas, one at the Jaffa Port and the other in Herzliya and now a third is planned.  The port of Tel Aviv was officially opened in 1938 but closed to commercial shipping some 45 years ago following the opening of the Ashdod Port in southern Israel.

About 10 years ago, the port was converted into a recreation and culture area and today it is home to more than 60 businesses in the food, fashion, health and communication industries, as well as banquet halls and clubs. A large hotel and supermarket are also planned in the area.
The plan for the port includes extending its depth, laying wharfs and rebuilding the entrance to accommodate 100 large yachts measuring up to 32 metres. Larger yachts will be able to dock outside the port.  Transportation Minister Yisrael Katz has instructed his office to have the port open within two years.