Superyacht Nahlin Bound for the UK

The beautifully restored super yacht Nahlin is underway and has left the shipyard, in Germany, were she was rebuilt.  Now owned by a prominent British businessman she is expected to call into the port of Dartmouth on the south coast of Devon and her ETA is estimated at 1800hrs on Saturday 17th July.
Built as a steamship by the John Brown shipyard on the Clyde the 91.5 metre vessel was launched in 1930 and at that time carried a crew of 58. 
Famously she was the yacht on which King Edward VIII conducted his affair with American divorcee Wallis Simpson – a love that ultimately cost him the British throne.
The Romanian Royal family then owned her and when that monarchy crumbled she fell to the State.  She served in various roles and was sold to UK business interests during 1999 and brought back to the UK where she was docked in Liverpool.
Subsequently sold she was taken to Germany for refitting.