iPad Control for Superyachts

Palladium Technologies have announced the first alarm monitoring system for the new Apple iPad. The SiMON2 was designed to work exclusively on the iPad, and provides a fresh new look to their alarm monitoring systems.
Palladium designed the SiMON2 to be a self-contained system for smaller yachts, providing much of the functionality of the larger version, but with a brand new user interface. The first Palladium Apple product, iSiMON is a remote extension of the monitoring system and takes much of the company’s development experience with the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch to a much higher level. Navigation between screens is based upon the new icon-driven dashboard, which uses the swipe, multi-touch technology of the Apple iPad. This version includes the integration of cameras and lighting.
As designed for the iPad it uses WiFi technology to communicate with the newly designed controllers. These controllers interface to the ship’s critical equipment, such as engines, generators, bilge tanks, batteries, AC electric, doors, etc. One or many iPads running the system can operate concurrently on each yacht, providing ultimate flexibility.
Michael Blake, president of Palladium said, “Working on the Apple hardware platform has allowed us to take our designs to a much higher level. The Apple iPad is an incredible device with a high-resolution and multi-touch screen. Our graphics literally ‘pop’ off the screen, and the multi-touch implementation very user intuitive.”
Blake also said that, “You can be assured of future advances and products from Palladium, based upon the Apple iPad and the Mac operating system.”
Available from iTunes