New deep-sea submarines announced by U-Boat Worx

New models are capable of diving up to 1,000 metres.
U-Boat Worx the Dutch luxury submarine manufacturer has announced a new line of exploration submersibles certified for diving to depths from 100 meters to 1,000 meters. Named C-Explorers. These diving machines suitable for carriage aboard superyachts are available in configurations for one to six passengers.
The new range have a totally new design when compared to the existing C-Quester models but share the same proven technology.
New is the catamaran-style design concept that is combined with a fully acrylic pressure hull to result in optimal underwater viewing.
The patented floaters are flexible bags encased in a housing that automatically folds in when submerging, thereby creating minimal drag and easy storage in a standard container or on board a ship.
Company founder Bert Houtman says, “Our company has demonstrated that we are able to deliver certified subs at a more reasonable price than anyone else in the market, even when applying the latest technologies such as lithium-ion batteries. With the C-Explorers we are now looking into capitalising on this concept by expanding our product line to be capable of diving to greater depths and also cater to a wider, more diverse group of end-users.”
Germanischer Lloyd classification society has been appointed to oversee and approve the design, construction and testing of all the builders submersibles.
The C-Explorer 2 will be first shown to the public during the Monaco Yacht Show, this September and will be configured with a wide variety of optional accessories including robotic manipulator arms, underwater navigation systems, high-definition video cameras and an integrated remotely operated vehicle (ROV) that can be controlled from inside the submarine.
Prices start from Euros 280,000 for a one-seater model up to 840,000 for a 5-seater model.