Bill Dixon Yacht Designer in Asia of the Year

Bill Dixon is the first recipient of an award which, in years to come, will almost certainly be considered one of the most prestigious in the yachting industry. The Asia Boating Awards added a new category this year; that of ‘Yacht Designer in Asia of the Year’, and Dixon was selected in recognition of his significant contribution to yacht design in the area.
Bill has been working in the region for over 25 years, and has established a client base throughout it which extends from Korea in the north east to Thailand in the south west: with long standing clients in Taiwan, and new clients in the emerging Chinese market. Over the years Bill has undertaken a diverse range of projects including custom wooden schooners, Superyachts, production motorboats, to “one design” sailing yachts.
Working in this region for so many years has given him a good understanding of the Asian market, the people, traditions, and business relationships. 
Bill takes delight in being the first recipient of this award and the recognition of his influence on yacht design in Asia, past and particularly in the present. He continues to be excited by the dynamism and energy of Asia and to the exciting opportunities ahead.