Goodbye to Queen of Galapagos

We disembark and tour San Cistóbal Island

The port of Baquerizo Moreno is the capital of the Galapagos but not the largest town. It is prettier and less hectic than the larger Puerto Ayado on Santa Cruz, where we spent our first night. It is time to leave our comfortable home aboard Queen of Galapagos and become landlubbers again.

After breakfast, we say a sad good bye to our crew, fellow travellers and JC our amazing guide and disembark. Our first stop is to check into the Casa Blanca a delightfully simple guest house overlooking the harbour. We climb to the very top to the dome shaped penthouse, called the Cupola because of its distinctive shape. We enjoy the spectacular view across the anchorage for a few minutes before returning to terra firma to explore the island.

Our first stop is the Interpretation centre to learn a few more details about the history of the islands. Then Diego a helpful and very willing cab driver takes us to the highlands. Our first stop is El Junco to see the unique landscape. Sadly the clouds are too low for a good view and it is misty with light rain. Just as we are about to leave the clouds lift and offer a glimpse across the island.

From there we go to another Giant Tortoise Breeding centre and then on to some really beautiful bays and beaches where snorkelling is nothing short of spectacular. There is a great deal to do on the island of San Cistóbal even without a yacht. While you do not need to employ the services of a guide from the National Park Services we certainly missed JC and his expert knowledge. Reading signs is definitely not the same.

Back in town and replete after a splendid dinner we followed local custom and strolled around town enjoying the warm weather and gentle breeze. Though it was still early not everyone in town was awake, the beach was wall-to-wall sea lions sleeping after their strenuous day swimming. Not everyone was on the beach and you have to be very careful where you walk or sit on to the promenade so as not to disturb the well earned rest.

Sadly it is time to say goodbye to the islands themselves. It has been a great experience and we believe we have enough in the way of notes and photographs to write a great article in SuperYacht World magazine. We hope you enjoy it when it is published and in the meantime you will comment in the spaces below.

Queen of Galapagos is available for charter through Robert Shepherd at Edmiston