Snorkelling from a Superyacht

Just Below the Surface

One of the greatest joys of super yacht sailing in warm waters is the ability to jump over the side of a superyacht, sink below the surface and then with nothing more than a snorkel, mask and a pair of fins watch in awe as a whole new world unfolds.

The British Virgin Islands offers crystal, clear, warm waters at swimming temperatures the whole year round. Swimming from the super yacht Panache we have snorkelled at: The Caves, The Indians and in Benures Bay

All of which are close by Norman island in the western end of the chain.

Fish here in the protected waters of a national park are protected and as a result wonderfully numerous by comparison to other areas of the Caribbean. They swim in and out of corals and rock formations from which sway purple coloured sea fans and tufts of green sea grass.

Brave little black Durgon dart about protecting their territories precious because of the eggs lying there waiting to be hatched. Larger Parrot fish chomp away at coral, while Sergeant Majors, resplendent in their yellow and black striped uniform waft in and out of view. Electric Blue Tangs add to the kaleidoscope of underwater colour in the company of: Cromies, Squirrel Fish, Goat Fish, Damsel Fish, Butterfly Fish and Angel Fish.

Of the larger fish we have seen are in these waters are: Grouper, Filefish and even the occasional Barracuda whose snarling grin and evil looking teeth give him the menacing look he hardly deserves.

For me the highlights so far this trip has been the sighting of a small stingray enjoying the attention of the tiny fish that operate the cleaning stations and a turtle disturbed from eating sea grass by the noise my bracelets made as I duck-dived down deep. Once he realised I meant no harm he stopped at what he thought was a safe distance and we each contemplated the other until the weaker lunged of us had to head for the surface.

We are enjoying the delights of sailing aboard the motor yacht Panache, being spoiled rotten by her ever attentive crew who watch over us while we swim and stand by with white fluffy towels for the moment we step out of the water.