Natures Little Secrets

We have often described the British Virgin Islands as the Nursery Slopes of sailing, simply because the area offers so much to those who have never experienced the joys of sailing aboard a superyacht.

When it comes to sail, one super yacht we can tell you about is the rather beautiful Tenacious. She has classic style and beauty that is a joy to behold when under sail, below decks she offers unparalleled luxury in a yacht of her size and is quite simply one of the most comfortable large sailing yachts we have ever sailed in.

The 35 metre yacht carries accommodation for eight guests that is surprisingly spacious and graciously decorated in what we could best describe as country club elegance.

Her crew of five are a delight and seem to have as much fun working aboard as the guests do while the ever-attentive team is pampering them.

Food is wonderful, service is superb and we defy anyone to say they have not enjoyed their time aboard her as charter guests.

We have spent time aboard this fabulous sailing yacht researching for an article that will in time appear inside SuperYacht World magazine and can personally vouch for her credentials. She can be chartered through Fraser Yachts.

Drop charter marketing agent Anita Dodds a line and tell her we told you to do so.