Fine Luggage and Fragrant Perfumes

Ocean Emerald the first Yacht Plus fractional ownership yachts is chartering in the Caribbean this season having set up a home base in Antigua. The yacht managed by Floating Life International charters for €110,000 pw and included in that deal are some exclusive offers intended to lure guests aboard. Luggage manufacturer Bric, together with perfumes and fragrances company Jo Malone, have each got something to offer.

Bric are offering an exclusive set of luggage from their Magellano’s range a collection is named after the great explorer of the XVth century characterised by a linear design golden macro zips, a small padlock and company logo. Jo Malone have created another “limited edition” dedicating the signature blend Lime Basil and Mandarin to the yacht. Reminiscent of the scent of the limes carried on a Caribbean sea breeze, accompanied by the fruity taste of the zesty mandarins undercut by peppery basil.