Concept Super Yacht uses Hydrogen Diesel Electric Power

Hydrogen Diesel Electric Hybrids The Superyachts of the Future

Designed to offer minimal resistance to water, in a design inspired by Killer and Sperm whales, Orcageno is a 60 metre superyacht concept from the studios Pharos Marine, an Egyptian naval architecture company.

Power for the yacht comes from hydrogen diesel-electric engines that would give the yacht a range of 13,000 nm at 10 knots and a top speed of 18.

Using hydrogen, as fuel will provide the three times more energy when compared to the output of similar sized diesels. Unlike Fossil fuels Hydrogen produces on pollutants like diesel is the cherry on the cake. The yacht has been

The yacht will feature a spa, health care centre, sun deck spa pool, leather lounging areas, a dual level swimming pool, and a hydraulically operated glass sunroof.