Super Yacht Opera Charters

Maria Callas Experience onboard superycaht Christina O

One of the most passionate, chronicled and ill fated romances of the 20th century was publicly played out onboard the super yacht Christina O between Aristotle Onassis and ‘La Divina’ Maria Callas, the world’s most famous Opera Diva. The very public love affair fascinated the world but it was interrupted abruptly when Onassis married the former first lady Jacqueline Kennedy onboard the Yacht.

Now charter guests can indulge themselves in the luxury and splendour that only ‘Christina O’ can offer, absorb the history and share in a bespoke recital of operatic classics with a storyline of the life of Maria Callas by some of Europe’s renowned Bel Canto Sopranos including Nelly Miricioiu, (20 & 21 May, 3, 4 & 5 June) Claire Rutter (22 & 29 May) and Mary Plazas (27 & 28 May).

Enjoy a gastronomic 8 course dinner accompanied by fine wines and finish the evening with a night cap in the famous Ari’s Bar before retiring to your deluxe cabin.

During the voyage a tour of the yacht will reveal all the secrets that she has witnessed over the years. Guests onboard included Sir Winston Churchill, Prince Rainier and Princess Grace of Monaco Greta Garbo, Eva Peron, Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe, Frank Sinatra and many others who adorned the front pages of magazines and newspapers as they were entertained onboard.

The ‘Maria Callas Experience’ promises a most memorable voyage along the Cote d’Azur from Monte Carlo to Cannes, glamorous surroundings, exquisite personal service from the attentive crew, superb dining, fine wines, and a recreation of the Diva Maria Callas in a unique, intimate operatic performance, which is guaranteed to touch your soul.