48th Antigua Charter Yacht Show is Underway

What a difference an island makes as far as Charter Shows are concerned. Here in Antigua the 48th Charter Yacht Show is underway and in a very healthy position with some 100 yachts all of a very high quality.

Usually the mix is more sail than power but this year it looks as if there is a 50/50 mix with most of the smaller boats under 100 feet being sail and the super yachts almost entirely power.

A few boats have made the transition between the St Martin Show and the Antigua Show including Trident, Allure Shadow, Passion and Damark.

Burgess and Camper and Nicholsons have fielded a significant number of substantial super yachts. Burgess list includes Altitude, Unbridled, Slipstream and Kogo. CNI’s list includes Big Aron, Callisto, Jo and Sherakhan. Amongst the other larger super yachts here are Alfa Nero, Samar under the Edmiston umbrella, Audacia with Moran, Lady Joy with Sapphire Seas, Passion with Yachtzoo and Allure Shadow with IYC.

The docks are busy and the yachts are happy because there are plenty of charter brokers coming to visit. Where last year was doom and despondency about the economy, this year there is a definite feeling of “thank God we have survived let’s look at a bright future”.

Where last year many yachts were without any charters booked for the Caribbean season this year is a very different story. It is not back to the levels of say 3 years ago but there is definitely a positive upswing.