Superfast RIB Attracts Super Yacht Buyers

Superyachts Seeking Tenders are Favouring the Goldfish

The Goldfish 36 designed and built by Goldfish Boat AS in Norway as a super fast, leisure RIB is attracting great interest among those seeking to buy a tender for use on a superyacht with the UK distributor announcing a sharp upturn in interest in the boats following their launch at Southampton Boat Show this year .

Several were sold during the show and the boat has already been entered for the next Round Britain Race, while other potential buyers intend to use the boats as tenders for their other yachts. The 36 has been built using the highest quality materials and fittings with every attention to detail needed for the helmsman and passengers to safely enjoy high speeds on water even in rough sea states. The small cabin built into the main control pod, has two occasional berths and plenty of room to store equipment.

Power comes from two Yanmar 315hp diesels tuned up to 380hp, these Dmax Yanmars are therefore highly compact for their power, reducing weight and providing up to 80 knots in most conditions.

James Sydenham General Manager of Salterns Boatyard the UK distributor, commented, “We have been busy with trials following Southampton and it shows that the market is still strong for the high standards of quality that these boats offer. They are comfortable at speed and virtually no other leisure RIB will even get close”

The boat has been built with a stepped decompressing hull to provide exceptional manoeuvrability on the water. Hydraulically dampened seating for 6 makes her an ideal RIB Tender for fast trips ashore irrespective of weather and fun as a leisure boat.