Super Yacht Charter Shows Go Green

Caribbean Superyacht Shows Offset Carbon Footprint

Both the Antigua Charter Yacht Meeting and the MYBA Sint Maarten Charter Show have been at each others throats for the past few years, each trying to establish themselves as the Caribbean’s number one charter yacht show.

Capitalising on their rivalry, Mark Robinson Managing Director of Yacht Carbon Offset’s has persuaded both shows to offset greenhouse gas emissions from the events. The decisions made by each of the show organisers reflect the growing number of yacht owners and charterers seeking to compensate for their vessels’ carbon footprint.

Paul Deeth, of the Antigua Charter Yacht Meeting said: “With the show coincident with the UN Summit in Copenhagen, the issue of greenhouse gases is set to remain at the top of the agenda. So the opportunity to take pragmatic action is both timely and relevant. Our gathering has traditionally been a place to share new ideas and we are pleased to help bring this concept to the attention of yacht owners, charterers and those that support them.”

Lucille Frye, Show Manager of the MYBA Sint Maarten Charter Show said: “Our show brings together Captains, brokers, vendors, media and other industry professionals from around the world, and is a great opportunity to consider carbon offsetting within the industry.”

Purchasing carbon offset emission certificates can be added to the costs of any super yacht charter, and is a monetarily proportionate response that is achieved by buying into independently verified green energy projects, where a quality assurance certification programme underpins the effectiveness of the action.