Could Super Yachts Run on Batteries?

Algae-based biofuels, could in future, power superyachts

Several low-emission technologies have the potential to transform the transport industry in future years, according to a new report, from the consulting firm Accenture. The report identifies 12 technologies including algae-based biofuels, next-generation internal combustion engines and electrification, that it considers are most likely to quickly transform the transport sector. Some of these may also have an impact on the super yacht industry

“Among the most exciting for super yachts would be algae-based biofuels however these will be the most difficult and will take the longest to bring to commercial scale,” said Charles Howorth one of the contributors to the report.

The report goes on to highlight the need to bridge the gap between long-term solutions such as algae-based fuels, by providers looking to existing technologies in the short-term. For instance, significant efficiency gains are possible in next-generation engines. The ability to produce fuel from waste currently exists in laboratories and in pilot-scale projects, but the potential game-changer for the traditional fuels sector at sea would be electrification of super yacht engine rooms. That, the report says technology, is however, held back by battery costs and other constraints.