Yellow Submarine for Super Yachts

Mini Submarine Makes Superyachts More fun to be on

Triton Submarines are displaying a small, lightweight yellow submarine designed and built exclusively for super yachts here at the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show.

Triton Submarines CEO Bruce Jones told us that his mini submarine is special for several reasons in it can be easily deployed by a crane on the deck of a yacht 100 feet or longer, it is safe and stable to board from a small tender in the water and it provides 360-degree visibility through an acrylic sphere surrounding the passenger compartment.

The submersible, weighing 3,000 kilos, has a top speed of about three knots for unhurried sightseeing. An underwater tracking system enables the support crew on the yacht to follow the sub’s progress and assist to navigate after the earthbound GPS signal is lost.

The craft has already successfully dived to 300 metres off Bimini Cay in the Bahamas recently and did so with a surveyor from the American Bureau of Shipping on board who has issued certificates for the submarine declaring its compliancy with regulations.