Super Yachts Could Carry Anti Pirate Water Cannons

In a fight against piracy Superyachts turn to non lethal protection

Crude oil carriers have for years carried a device for cleaning tanks that is now being put to a new use in a fight against piracy at sea. What is more it does not require the carriage of firearms or costly protective service agents

Scanjet Marine AB, a producer of fixed and portable cargo tank cleaning equipment on board crude oil carriers has now adapted their devices to create an anti-pirate water cannon. The Swedish company has developed its marine protection system based on existing tank cleaning technology.

The patented anti-pirate water cannon system is powered by an integrated turbine, driven by water flow and can remain running until the vessel is clear of dangerous areas and pumps are switched off.

This new water cannon defence system will protect the crew and vessel and making boarding at sea virtually impossible, and all this without a single shot being fired.

Magnus Wallin, Company President says, ”By strategically placing the water cannons around the vessel, 100% coverage can be obtained, boarding becomes very difficult.

The system can be remotely and safely operated from any look out post around the vessel. When the pirates approach, the system comes to life and crew and guests remain safe. The system will also work continuously in dark and night-time conditions.