Super Yacht Crew Can E Mail and Text Home

New Satellite Service Gives Superyacht Crews Cheaper Communication

Marlink, a maritime satellite communications provider, has chosen the Fort Lauderdale Boat show which opens today to launch a new email and SMS service enabling yacht crew to easily stay in touch with friends and family ashore

CrewEmail(T) is a new email and SMS solution that can be fully integrated with a super yacht’s existing Inmarsat or Iridium hardware to provide owners guests and crew with a familiar and simple to use service.

Users of the new system can take advantage of a straightforward email and SMS send and reply service, which enables vital contact with friends and family while at sea. Furthermore it can be accessed remotely via the public Internet enabling customers to use the same service from any location ashore. This allows crew members moving to a new yacht to redirect emails and internet credits to their new location, without changing email address.

A number of payment options are available, including pay-as-you-use via on-demand services Inmarsat or Iridium. Prepaid Internet and calling cards can be sold to crew members onboard or given as rewards and incentives, with management in control of the email sent usage.

Additional Features

  • The personal filter allows users to pre-select who they wish to receive emails from and the file size they are able to receive.
  • Users can forward emails to and from other email systems.
  • Address books and email can be synchronised with a shore based user account.