Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show – Day Three

Late in the afternoon we climbed to the top of the Bahia Mar Hotel to get the bird’s eye photograph above that encompasses just some of the yachts and super yachts at the show.

The day started surprisingly quietly as the traffic on the road as we drove towards the show was particularly light for Saturday a traditional family day at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show. But maybe it was because we were an hour before the Show opened as we had a nine o’clock meeting aboard Allure Shadow the latest in the line of Shadow Boats from Shadow Marine.

Available for both sale and charter through the International Yacht Collection this yacht is somewhat different in style and concept to the traditional super yacht. Nicknamed the SUV of the sea where the meaning has been changed to signify Sports Utility Vessel we might perhaps call her the Range Rover of the Seas. She is defiantly going to be included in a feature we are crafting.

Once we got to the Show we saw our earlier impression was wrong, the crowds were out despite the heat and humidity. It was a yacht hoping day for us and amongst the beauties we visited were Odessa now available for charter through The Sacks Group and Blind Date the brand new Trinity now available for charter through Peter Insull. We were particularly fortunate to have Patrick Knowles the designer responsible for her interior show us around and no doubt you will read all about Blind Date when we write her up for SuperYacht World magazine.

We made a quick visit to the Trinity yacht Mine Games whose on board submarine is going to feature in another article we are writing for SuperYacht World in which we look at special things to be enjoyed while sailing on a super yacht. Watch out for this exciting feature in our next issue.

The show closes each night at 7pm but if you think that hard working journalists get to go home and rest the weary feet you would be so wrong. Parties are an important part of show life and last night’s sampling included the Lurssen Party, The International Superyachts Society Awards Gala and over at Pier 66 the theme of a party hosted by MedAire was Somewhere beyond the Sea an evening of cocktails, music light dining and friends.

Tonight however all over the USA is Halloween another great excuse to party in costume and we have been included in a the very especially exclusive list of attendees at a Buccaneer’s Bash to be held on board Allure Shadow that has been decoratively transformed into a Caribbean Pirates lair.

If they do not make us walk the plank we should be back to give you the low down on the events.

If you could chose your ultimate go anywhere do anything discovery yacht what yacht would you nominate as your number one? If you could choose the ultimate spot on earth to cruise to where would that be?