Super Yacht Show is Over

C-Quester 3 Sub from U-Boat Worx Slowly Sinks © 2009 Frances Howorth

Monaco Superyacht Show Hailed a Success

As 6.30 pm approached, weary Monaco Yacht show goers felt the need of a glass of wine. Suddenly sirens from 100 yachts from 6 to 65 metres split the air in a cacophony of sound that lasted more than 10 minutes giving the show goers, organisers and exhibitors the super yacht version of a standing ovation.

The show had ended and it was an event which almost certainly exceeded everyone’s expectations.

Well they might! This the 19th outing of the annual event can only possibly be outdone by next year’s 20th anniversary.

Of the yachts we inspected the stars of the show in our opinion were

  • Arkley
  • Trident
  • Africa
  • Silver Angel
  • Riela
  • Princess Mariana
  • Icon
  • Blue Eyes

While we toured Maltese Falcon and she is always a favourite she was not truthfully in the show.

To every one involved in the organisation and exhibiting at the show and to the hundreds of people who helped and are still helping us write up our super yacht features we say thank you. To the many who provided us with splendid and most welcomed hospitality we thank them for their generosity and publically say how grateful we are.

Great Show everyone. See you next year! Actually we hope to see many of you shortly at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show next month.

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