Largest Ever Super Yacht not under construction in Fort Lauderdale

Donald Starkey the superyacht designer confirms it is not true

News that the worlds largest yacht ever was already under construction in Fort Lauderdale seems to have raised a few eyebrows not least those of the super yacht’s designer Donald Starkey.

The article that appeared in the International Business Times suggests that at 200 metres overall Project Everest and will eclipse the yacht recently launched for Roman Abramovitch by some 23 metres. The article goes onto to suggest that: costing an estimated $500 million dollars and currently under construction in Fort Lauderdale, Florida with delivery in 2010

But project designer Starkey says; “it just goes to show, you cannot believe all that you read!”

He admits being surprised my to read that Project Everest was being built in Fort Lauderdale and told me, “You would think that whoever wrote it might check whether there is a yard big enough there, before putting his or her foot in their mouth.”

Asked to give an up to date status on the yacht, Starkey, whose design offices are in Dubai told me, “All I can say is that I have been contracted to develop such a project ( the design is complete ) for an owner who has put things on hold for the moment but it will proceed at some time in the not too distant future.”