Another New Magazine

But this one has a twist

Quite recently I was extolling the virtues of SuperYacht Business magazine and so I should because it is great read and anyway Frances and I write for it.

I have however found another new magazine and like SuperYacht Business it is also free of charge. The big difference with the new magazine is that it is an online digital publication and reading it at the computer it feels just like the real thing, well almost.

It is called Yachtbuilder International and its remit is to become a business to business magazine for all of the yacht building world.

The first edition is up already but how anyone gets to hear about it is a little beyond me so I plan to spill the beans and tell you can read it by clicking HERE.

Before you do however leave me I thought I would tell you how to read through the 134 pages and what you might find.

The bars on each side of the page are actually buttons that allow you to flip the pages.

The little camera icon that appears beside a picture means there are more pictures available but DO NOT click on them. Simply place your cursor over the top and the photos appear. Do the same with the Movie icon and a video begins bringing the page to life so to speak.

Clever eh?

The magazine opens within about 25 seconds and the website is merely the host resource with the latest news desk stories, archive, boat show and events diary and yacht designer directory.

Now while I like it I think the world is not quite ready to read magazines on line. That time is going to come next week when Apple launches their first iTablet machine and that device will really begin the push towards digital books and magazines.

News about superyachts and now inside information about Apple Is there no end to my reporting skills?

Let me know what you think of the magazine.