Super Yacht Owners Conciergerie Card

Conciergerie Card for Super Yacht Owners Gives added Benefits

CRN Conciergerie Monaco is an exclusive service that Italian super yacht builder CRN offers to its current and past clients. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  The “club” is strictly reserved to super yacht owners and their families, who can benefit from the dedicated services: including hotel and restaurant reservations and events; ranging from theatre tickets to a boat parking space; from private planes to helicopters.

A Conciergerie Card gives clients access to the services being offered, presently active all over the Italian peninsula and Costa Azzurra and will soon be available throughout the Mediterranean.

The yacht builder has also set up a reserved area on its website,, giving access to a virtual window on the shipyard such that owners can obtain the latest updates regarding their own yacht while in build, making it possible to enjoy the step by step birth of their yacht.