Strong Demand for Super Yachts in the 30m to 40m Range

What is selling and What is not?

It is clear from brokerage advertisements that an increasing number of yachts are being listed for sale. This is of course a concrete indication that owners are prepared to sell – but what do buyers want?

Hein Velema
CEO of Fraser Yachts says, “The superyacht industry is still highly dynamic and can change very quickly. Yacht sales are fairly strong and charter bookings are coming in steadily however not all size ranges are being affected in the same way. Most sales have been in the 30m to 40m range with 27 yachts sold so far this year. This is more than double the number sold between 24m and 30m. In the same period there have been only eight yachts sold in the 40m to 50m range and just two over 50m.”

There are it seems plenty of larger yachts on the market but owners are not willing to drop prices much so there are very few bargains to be had. However, we suspect that while a few large yachts will be sold in the next three months with serious discounts, the majority of sellers will hold on to their yachts and wait for the market to improve.