Free to Super Yacht Captains

Expanded second edition of The Great Southern Route

Every captain loves a freebie and at Monaco two years ago every super yacht captain received a heavyweight gift that turned out to be worth its weight in gold. Now they are about to be given a second bite of the cherry now that Ocean Media has announced that an expanded second edition of The Great Southern Route (GSR) super yacht cruising guide, will be released and distributed free at this year’s 2009 Monaco Yacht Show

The GSR is a hefty but much-needed, revolutionary maritime road map for yachts considering a visit to the Antipodes.

This latest edition will include totally updated Fact Files of key superyacht contacts in some 83 ports and countries across eight regions, book-ended by the two great canals of Suez in the West and Panama in the East. Including the first-hand advice of over 30 super yacht captains, GSR’s Captain’s Log editorial contributions from mariners who have actually cruised these waters offer the benefit of priceless experience. The new edition will now also include countries in South-eastern Africa, the Northern Pacific and the Americas.