Super Yachts Visiting Montserrat

62 % Increase in number of visiting yachts

Following a specifically targeted marketing campaign, the Montserrat Tourist Board has released figures indicating that the yachting sector has seen a 62 percent increase in yacht arrivals since 2005.

In real terms this means that calls by yachts are up from 219 yacht arrivals in 2005, where in 2008 they reached 354 yachts, bringing a total of 1,840 passengers to the island.

Despite a decline in stay over and day trip arrivals that are a result of limited air and sea access to the island, the board continues to actively pursue niche tourism markets specifically super yachts in order to solidify Montserrat as a viable port of call and eco tourism destination.

Efforts to promote the island as a yachting destination include advertisements in the annual Antigua Marina Guide and a strong presence during the annual Antigua Boat Show and Sailing Week.

Yachtsman and small craft owners can call at the Port of Little Bay, an area where a full service marina is planned in conjunction with the development of a new town center.

Immigration information and downloadable customs forms are available on the tourist boards website.

Captains seeking to use these forms can get them by visiting: