Super Yachts and Ports of Registration

What’s in a Name?

Having posted news about the super yacht C2 reminds me that the Cayman Islands Shipping Registry has a while ago announced two new ports of registry; Bloody Bay and The Creek, as alternatives to George Town.

Both ports are located on the smaller sister islands of Little Cayman and Cayman Brac, in the group but the administrative office, in Grand Cayman will continue to undertake all the administration related to the new ports.

The stated reason is so that the registry is seen to be more accommodating to the desires of yacht owners and this would include the ability to have the same name registered at each of the three ports, something that could prove useful where an owner wants to call his yacht with a name already given to a yacht registered in George Town.  

Office comedians here however where however, quick to point out that it also opens up a whole new raft of naming possibilities such as a yacht registered in Bloody Bay being called Take Me To The or the yacht named Up that could registered in the other port.

Any one else got any amusing names?