Sailing aboard Baglietto Super Yacht Natori

Just one minute after the final cacophony of ships sirens signalled the end of the Genoa Charter Yacht show, the Camper and Nicholson’s charter yacht Natori slipped her berth and moved off the quayside.  The 42 metre super yacht was returning to her builders Baglietto whose facilities are nearby at Varazze and we were on board to make the voyage.

Minutes after clearing the port of Genoa in the evening light, the helicopter carrying the stills and movie photographic crew approached the yacht, having flown up especially from Cannes in France to take the aerial shots that will be used in future publicity material and magazine features.

The tiny chopper hovered so close to the bow of the yacht as the two-man camera crew hung precariously from the opened door we wondered if they wanted to land aboard the yacht.

All crew stepped inside as the helicopter flew to and fro across the yacht as we cruised along at an impressive 21 knots flat out. 

The new yacht, the very first in her series, handled well.  Her lazy roll, that gave her the impression of being somewhat tender, was probably a result of her under filled fuel tanks and the fact that she has yet to load much of her cruising equipment.  Something that will undoubtedly be sorted out during her next period of yard work which, when complete, will see her entering charter service in early June.

Our thanks to Captain Paul Bickley and all his crew for the chance to be the very first journalists to ride aboard the yacht and report about her