Fixings Firm Fastmount Goes from Strength to Strength

In New Zealand company director Gregg Kelly with the fixings manufacturer Fastmount says there’s still plenty to be positive about in the current economic climate. “In these challenging economic times, we have had our best year to date, with turnover up markedly on the prior year,” he said adding “We’ve achieved this by developing new products for superyachts along with the aviation and recreational vehicle markets, focusing on prompt servicing of customers, introducing new products last year with more to come this year, and bringing these rapidly to market by having in-house R&D and testing. “Having a strong marketing plan and an excellent team of agents and distributors in key countries to roll these products out rapidly has also paid dividends.” Fastmount’s presence is growing in 40 countries and Kelly says this gives them an immediate feel for the status of the marine industry in each of these areas. “As a business we have the unique advantage of gaining sales in the harder times, finding that while there may be less new builds of superyachts, there are far more getting refit work done – and this normally involves using Fastmount panel mounting systems!” Fastmount has managed to prosper by maintaining very low overheads, says Kelly.

The company has continued to manufacture in New Zealand, despite temptations to move into a cheaper and more mechanised construction bases.  It has done so in order to maintain efficient stock control, build on its strong website and effective B2B online ordering system.  The company believes that by maintaining a strong presence in its core customer areas (namely Europe) with directors spending 3 or 4 months each year based there is also important.  They use that time for the training of agents and distributors and use the opportunity to introduce new products to key companies. Kelly says, “This gives us great feedback and allows an understanding of our customers’ needs clearly. While we have no illusions that the next 12 month “If your company can take a three- year perspective, if you have your fundamentals under control and you can look beyond the current crisis, you’re far more likely to be among the businesses that prosper and succeed when your competitors may falter.”